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BBC Radio Manchester is the home of local news and sport for the people of Greater Manchester. Below are examples of my work

as a freelance news reporter for the station.

Image by Steve Johnson

Virtual village

Manchester Pride usually takes place in the city's Gay Village. Due to COVID-19 this event couldn't be held in the usual way.


At BBC Radio Manchester I was tasked with creating a 'Virtual Village'. A space for people to celebrate Manchester Pride during the pandemic. Below are examples of my work.

Manchester Pride: Generations apart

Life in lockdown for performers

How do we make sport more inclusive?

Radio demo

BBC Radio Manchester Demo - Bradley Harris

News reports

Did you know that your doorbell may have started life a lot closer to home than you might think? Just two miles north of Stockport town centre, the Friedland factory - in Reddish - was once the world's biggest manufacturer of doorbells and chimes.
Ding Dong! - BBC Radio Manchester
does bad grammar matter?
If you're the kind of person whose blood begins to boil when you spot a spelling or grammatical mistake on a sign, then you may want to stop reading now...
Does bad grammar matter?
Does Bad Grammar Matter? - BBC Radio Manchester
Petrol pumping
Imagine driving into a petrol station where you don't have to lift a finger.
Tucked away down the side of a quiet street in Altrincham sits Greater Manchester's only assisted petrol station. Here they fill up your car for you!
Petrol Pumping - BBC Radio Manchester
Return of the milkman
There's a quiet revolution going on in the milk industry at the moment - people are ditching the plastic and going back to glass bottles and they're being delivered to your doorstep. Is this the return of our beloved milkman?
Return of the milkman - BBC Radio Manchester
Fucsia Background


At BBC Radio Manchester I spent some time working as their social media producer. Below are examples of my work.

Would you go veggie for the week?

Tom Malone: Why I gave up Gogglebox

Mother's Day surprise!

This cat is top dog in Oldham!

LGBTQ+ History Month

Dating tips from First Dates' Daniella

Fancy a bargain?

BBC Radio Manchester's First Presenter

If you like The Chase, you'll love this!

Catching up with Rochdale's drag queen

Welcome to the REAL Coronation Street

Our planet matters



Planet North was an exciting project I produced which brought together local BBC radio stations from across the North of England.


Together we put the spotlight on current challenges and potential solutions to climate change and the environment.

The problem with plastic

What is climate change?


I create content for a variety of platforms and audiences.

These are the tools I use.


Canon 5D

Canon C100

Canon C300




Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Audition

Final Cut Pro X


iRig microphone



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I have experience in digital, radio and television production producing original documentaries and eye-catching short-form social media videos.

My work has featured on:

GB News, BBC Breakfast, North West Tonight, Radio 1 Newsbeat, Radio 2, Radio 5 Live and Radio Manchester.

Bradley harris


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